Search field

Search terms can be entered via the search field and may include titles of a dataset, keywords or topics.

Search dimensions

All geodata on can be searched in the three search dimensions “content”, “space” and “time”. The three search dimensions can be combined to achieve optimum search results.

Multilingual searches

Searches are multilingual. If an English term is entered, the corresponding term in German and French will also be searched for and vice versa (more on multilingual searches under “Technical details”).

Boolean operators

Advanced users can narrow the search down via Boolean operators, which need to be written in capital letters. Without any operators, the search terms will automatically be combined with AND.

  • AND: all search terms combined with AND must feature in the hits. AND allows you to limit the number of results.
  • OR: at least one of the search terms combined with OR must feature in the hits. OR allows you to expand the number of results.
  • “”: if you would like to search for a phrase (work group or string of characters), place them in quotation marks.
  • *: for a search, * can be used as a filler for no to several characters.


List of hits

The list of hits comprises all the hits found and displays them according to relevance. The hits contain references to the data owners, the terms of use, the coordination system, a brief abstract etc. The metadata is displayed in the language in which the owner of the data or the service provides it (usually German or English).


The number of hits can be narrowed down further via various filter functions (e.g. service type, data format, timeframe).

The respective dataset can then be accessed directly from the list of hits in the service selected (download service and web services).

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