Students, researchers and tutors from Swiss universities from various disciplines with varying knowledge levels regarding GIS.

The national geoportal geodata4edu.ch was established within the scope of the cooperative project Geodata for Swiss Education (Geodata4SwissEDU; project duration 1 January 2015 – 31 March 2017). The cooperative partners are ETH Library, the Institute of Cartography and Geoinformation at ETH Zurich (IKG) and HSR Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil. The project is part of the swissuniversities-funded SUC programme P5 “Academic Information”.

Operations started from 1 May 2017.  A prerequisite for using geodata4edu.ch is the participation from one’s own institution.

Participating universities are listed under this link. Duly enrolled students and staff have access to data via geodata4edu.ch for use in research and teaching.

geodata4edu.ch has a wide range of geodata from federal and cantonal agencies. All datasets can be shown and filtered via the search facility. It is not possible to compile a product list since datasets are being constantly supplemented.

Vary the search query with similar terms or the languages German, English or French. If there are too many hits, use the filters to limit them.


The office is occupied during service times (Monday to Friday, 10:00 to 16:00), with a commitment to react to support queries within one working day. Support queries must be submitted using a contact form; in cases where clarification is required, queries will also be dealt with by phone.

The scope of support from geodata4edu.ch begins when its platforms and services are used and ends with the sourcing of data. Thus queries on research, data analysis or application issues cannot be dealt with. Such queries should be directed to the responsible persons at your own university.

Various tools are available to users in addition to advice via contact form/email on the help page and under data access.

It is also possible for participating institutions to obtain presentations (General Information, introductory presentations, courses) through geodata4edu.ch at their own university. Please feel free to contact us.

Information on malfunctions and maintenance work is published under server status and on Twitter. Notes on planned maintenance windows are also announced in good time on the homepage.

Download Services

The limitation is necessary on account both of legal provisions on the part of the data owner and of restrictions in the infrastructure used. If need be, web services are also provided for larger sections (extents). Geodata4edu.ch is constantly working to enlarge this extent by means of negotiations and improvements to the infrastructure.

Please note:

The maximum selectable extent (max area) is dependent on any active layers/datasets. If, therefore, a max area of 25km² can be downloaded at a time in respect of any of the layers (e.g. SWISSIMAGE 25cm), this is also applied to any other active layers. To determine the maximum possible extent for the individual layers, it is best to remove any other layers from the list. You can then see, under extent, the max areas for this particular layer.

Only students and members of the participating universities can download data. For security reasons, guests or temporary university members may not obtain data on their own. Details can be found in the attribute ‘edupersonaffiliation’ of the switchAAI account. Persons with the value ‘affiliate’ may not download data.

For more information visit https://www.switch.ch/aai/support/documents/attributes/edupersonaffiliation/

Web services data intended to be integrated into one’s own GIS program may also be seen in a browser view. But no download functions are provided there.

Make sure you access the download service (https://geodata4edu.ethz.ch/). For data provided in the download service, the service type ‘DownloadService’ is mentioned in the metadata catalog.

The publication years refer to the tracking by the data owners and are shown accordingly in the download service. Since the data owners do not track the entire datasets annually (e.g. SWISSIMAGE, Swiss Map Raster), only the data is shown which is tracked for the corresponding year.


ArcGIS for Desktop / ArcGIS Pro Applications may be connected either to ArcGIS Online or to Portal for ArcGIS. Basically, there is an existing connection to ArcGIS Online Portal. The connection to the portal has to be modified to be able to use the Webservice (Portal HSR-Services for Geodata)

ArcGIS Desktop (from 10.3.)

This connection has to be modified in ArcGIS Administrator. ArcGIS Administrator is opened by using Windows Start or via the ArcGIS folder. It is important having closed all of the ArcGIS for Desktop Applications, because otherwise modifications will not be saved.

Im ArcGIS Administrator choose the „Advanced“ button, next choose „Manage Portal Connection“. By using „Add“ Schaltfläche the URL address to the Portal may be filled in: https://geodata4edu.hsr.ch/portal

Click “OK” and the Portal for Geodata URL address will be added as a new Portal Connection.

Then choose „Connect“ and save the modifications.

ArcGIS Pro (from 2.1.0)

The change is done directly in ArcGIS Pro. To do this, select the portal administration in the settings (Project – > Portals) and add the URL https://geodata4edu.hsr.ch/portal under “Add Portal”. Then the portal must be defined as active portal (right click -> Set as active portal).

The logon attempt took place with the Internet Explorer browser, which duplicates the URL address, which is why the portal cannot be reached.

Delete the duplicated address in the IE browser. Otherwise it is possible to work with other browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.).

  1. Make sure you’re connected with the HSR portal (link) and logged on in ArcGIS.
  2. There is a delay of 20 to 30 minutes after the first logon (in the browser or in ArcGIS) for rights of use to be assigned.

For resource reasons, larger datasets with very large objects (e.g. TLM_Strasse fin swissTLM3D) are shown only up to a scale of 1:100,000 or greater. Right-click the greyed-out field and select ‘Zoom to view’. The data then appears.

The geodata4edu.ch web services cover image, map and feature services. Make sure you’ve selected the right service (via the search facility or directly in ArcGIS from the servers). Attribute tables are supplied only with feature services.

Yes, a large number of data sets from the web services of geodata4edu.ch can now also be integrated into the open source program QGIS.

Step-by-Step Instruction:

In order to access the data on the HSR portal for geodata4edu with QGIS, a Basic Auth connection to the HSR web services must be established. To do this, the desired service must be selected in the search https://www.geodata4edu.ch and the link “QGIS access” activated.



A login window will be opened where the username/password of the users university account has to be entered. The user name must be entered with the domain name of the institution, e.g. for the HSR “hsr\mustermax”, for the ETHZ “ethz\mustermax” or for the ZHAW “zhaw\mustermax”.
The following institutions are currently available: eawag, empa, epfl, ethz, hsr, psi, unibe, uzh, wsl, zhaw.



Afterwards you have to agree to the terms of use.

In the following browser window the URL can be copied in the address bar.

Note: In order to access the service view, the “QGIS access” button in the catalogue must be activated again (if this access is used for the first time).



In QGIS, paste the copied URL via the “ArcGISFeatureServer” connection under “New Connection”.


Double-click on the layer to establish the connection and enter the username/password again.