Elevation models


Image SwissALTI3D (relief), © 2016 swisstopo (JD100042)

Elevation models reflect the earth’s surface. A distinction is made between so-called surface models (DOM), which also take objects on the earth’s surface (buildings, forests etc.) into account, and terrain models (DTM), which show the earth’s surface without objects. geodata4edu.ch’s data catalogue currently only comprises terrain models (DTM) in raster format.

The most accurate terrain model of Switzerland is swissALTI3D. As a high-resolution, digital terrain model, the dataset describes forms of terrain in Switzerland without objects or development. The raster dataset allows 3D visualisations and 3D simulations and can be used, among other things, for analyses in hazard maps, avalanche forecasts, visibility analyses, land-use planning, and energy and communication systems.

swissALTI3D in geodata4edu.ch
Swisstopo’s swissALTI3D product page

Unlike swissALTI3D, where the data stems from various high-resolution surveying sources, the digital elevation model DHM25 was derived from the national map 1:25 000. It is also ideal as the basis for 3D visualisations and visibility analyses.

DHM25 in geodata4edu.ch
Swisstopo’s DHM25 product page